Leadership Coaching

Business Coaching Brisbane Australia helps you achieve success.Leadership is about influence, and each of us has the ability to influence the people around us, for better or worse. Leadership is within each of us. If we could change one person’s perception of themself, what they are capable of, how powerful they could be … that change could make a difference!

Leadership coaching is an active partnership focused on working with the issues that are important to you. We start with identifying the outcomes you’d like to achieve, create a plan, and then determine priorities.  Along the way we identify your specific skills and capabilities, determine your passions, and understand which of your strengths will contribute most to your success as a leader.

What does the Leadership Coaching Program involve? 

  • A leadership assessment that identifies your strengths and capabilities  provides useful information for understanding how you operate at work.  Good leadership relies on a person’s ability to influence others, build trust, negotiate, take smart risks, cope with pressure and handle difficulties – these are the qualities associated with emotional intelligence.  The leadership assessment can also be undertaken as a 360 report, providing feedback on how others see you compared to how you see yourself.
  • 6x monthly coaching sessions
  • Fortnightly x troubleshooting/check-in phone calls
  • Unlimited email support

Timeframe, Dates and Venue

The leadership coaching program is a 6 month program, which allows time to explore situations, recognise unwanted habits, and adopt and embed new strategies and learnings. Coaching sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis, usually for 1 hour, either face-to-face or via phone/Skype.  Where possible, I will organise our coaching sessions to suit your schedule.

Contact Judi to discuss your coaching needs.

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What some of  my clients have said:

Thank you for the excellent job you have done with K.  Rarely do we hear about such and impressive change in a coaching client! Fabulous job! ……. Vicki  W. Manager, Recruitment Agency

Having good strategies gave me more confidence when dealing with staff issues and developing more effective ways of managing my staff is good for my business ….  Adam K, Proprietor, Manufacturing Business

The cost of the coaching program was a worthwhile investment .  Bruce P.  Finance Manager, Qld Public Service

How does coaching work?

Coaching is a way of promoting personal growth once you have reached a high level of competence and capability in your area of expertise. Coaching helps you work in a way that is aligned with your values and purpose.

Coaching sessions are really conversations focused on developing more effective ways of engaging and working with others. Before we can adopt new habits we need to unpack and disable old habits which are likely to block or limit progress.

But coaching is more than “just talking”. We can’t expect a different result if we keep responding in the same way to situations or using the same methods to resolve problems. What’s happening is we are embedding those old habits in our memory and, even though we are hoping for a different outcome, when we keep using the same approach we get the same result.

Changing old behaviours/habits

Understanding-our-brain Business Coaching Brisbane AustraliaOur brains are set up to create certainty in our world. Certainty and familiarity give us a sense of security. To change a habit we need to do things in a different way, creating a new neural pathway in our brain. The neural pathway is the ‘message pathway’ that our brain uses to send messages to different parts of our body. Once a neural pathway has been used several times, it becomes embedded and begins to develop a “default program” or new habit. That’s why it’s so hard to change our responses when we are faced with a familiar situation, because our brain reverts to the old “default program”.

Unfortunately, effective outcomes are only achieved with conscious effort and practice! Practice helps to embed new neural pathways which will strengthen each time you use the new strategies. I draw from neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and leadership theories to help you change unwanted habits, and replace them with more effective strategies.

Coaching tools

As an Organisational Psychologist, my expertise is in achieving positive behavioural change.  I skillfully blend techniques from Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness to increase self-awareness, improve relationships, enhance decision-making and boost performance.  Some of my preferred coaching tools include:

1.  Working with values.  Living a great life requires being clear about what you really want, where you are heading in life, and making sure your goals are aligned with your values.  Values guide behaviour and knowing what’s important in your life helps you make better choices.

2. Mindfulness has been recognised as a critical skill for effective leadership. Effective leadership requires the ability to remain calm, focused, and fully present during difficult situations and uncertainty. This ability to be mindfully present of your internal state while at the same time aware of what is happening around you is the key to gaining deeper insight and wisdom so as to be able to make wise decisions.

3. Neuroscience helps us understand our reactions and how to make changes in our behaviour. I assist people to understand and manage their own behaviour, build resilience, and become more adept at dealing with uncertainty.

4. Emotional Intelligence – Knowing yourself, your strengths, capabilities, and behaviour patterns, is an important step to gaining insight into how you operate.  Current research shows that emotional and social skills are the most important factors contributing to leadership effectiveness.

kolb cycle5.  Reflective practice is a coaching tool that’s useful for enhancing decision-making skills. Reflective practices enable people to learn from their experiences, understand how they deal with situations, the consequences of their actions, and what changes are needed to achieve the desired results. I use Kolb’s model as shown here.

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