Developing Effective Leadership Competencies

Current research has identified 10 competencies as being critical for effective leadership (Newman, 2007).  The Emotional Capital Report 360 is an assessment tool that measures the particular emotional and social factors that are considered essential for effective leadership.  The ECR 360 provides multi-rater feedback on the 10 Emotional Capital competencies and compares this to self-ratings. This feedback is useful in understanding differences between self and other’s perceptions of leadership behaviours and provides a basis for coaching leadership capabilities.

Check out this interesting video clip adapted from a recent talk by Dr Martyn Newman at the Sheffield Business School:


Check your leadership capabilities using the Emotional Capital (ECR) competencies.

Judi Pears is accredited in the use of the ECR 360 assessment tool which measures an individual’s level of capability in each of the 10 leadership competencies. The ECR 360 can be used to provide feedback from your work colleagues, managers, or peers on the leadership competencies and compares their results with how you rate yourself. This feedback is useful in understanding how others see you in a leadership role, and provides a basis for coaching sessions.

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