The Mindful Mentoring Program

Achieving your goals doesn’t always come easily. It’s hard work and there are always challenges to deal with.

However, you don’t have to go it alone. Your chance of success increases with access to the knowledge and guidance of an experienced mentor.


“growth is inevitable if you have a mentor … “

Successful business people know that working with a mentor plays a significant role in their success. Your personal and professional growth is inevitable if you have a mentor to guide, support and hold you accountable.


“guiding you, challenging you … making you accountable …”


post-5The Mindful Mentoring Program increases your chances of success through weekly discussions with your mentor.  You’ll learn how to use and apply mindfulness techniques to sharpen your focus, manage your emotional reactions and improve your decision-making.


Mentoring helps you by guiding, challenging, developing your strengths and capabilities, supporting you and making you accountable for your actions.


 ” 6 month program …  limited availability  …  weekly contact “

The 6 month Mindful Mentoring Program  Stock image imb106899offers weekly 1-1 contact to ensure you stay on track, develop effective strategies for overcoming the challenges you face and keeping you accountable.

Find out how the Mindful Mentoring Program can help you.

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