Small Business Coaching Brisbane

The success of small-medium sized businesses depends on good leadership, so it makes sense to develop your leadership skills.  Men and women tend to excel in different aspects of leadership. Women are generally better with planning, building trust and empathy, while men are better at strategy and commercial focus.

How-can-I-stop-myself-from-feeling-so-stressed?In small-medium sized businesses, owners often have to manage on their own, so you need to be skilled in all aspects of leadership to enable your business to flourish.

So how do you manage when the situation requires skills that are outside your area of expertise?  I have frequently been called to help business owners handle some of the people issues that are impacting on the productivity and morale of businesses.

Here’s some of the areas I can assist you with:

  • managing stress more effectively,
  • resolving conflict,
  • providing constructive feedback,
  • mediating disputes or complaints,
  • building better work relationships,
  • managing anger or frustration more effectively.

I provide coaching to business owners who want to improve their leadership skills or are ready to stretch themselves and achieve more difficult goals or challenges.

Coaching for Small-Medium Business Owners

Examples of situations where I have been successful as a leadership coach with small-medium businesses include:-

  • resolving personality clashes in teams
  • managing ‘power plays’
  • resolving unclear division of tasks or roles
  • clarifying responsibilities within management teams
  • improving communication between different groups operating within a business that are having a negative impact on customer.
  • dealing with the uncertainty or resentment that arises when employees are made redundant or have their position terminated.

I am not only called in to assist small-medium sized businesses in times of difficulty but also at times to strengthen and focus work groups to improve communication and interpersonal skills, renew company values and refocus on future goals.

Leadership Coaching – One-on-One Assistance

After 20 years of working with businesses as an organisational psychologist, I am experienced in assisting individuals to gain clarity around future directions, identify their career goals and gain the work satisfaction that they desire.  To achieve this I work with you to identify your particular skills, capabilities and talents and how you can best use these strengths to ensure your personal and professional growth.

GuaranteeMy methods, experience and skills have been successful with organisations and individuals who wanted to develop their potential.

I also run a leadership development program specifically for women who want to flourish, not just function!

I am happy to discuss your particular needs and see how I could be of assistance to you or your organisation.  Click here to email me.