The WYSE Leader Program

A leadership program specifically for women, turning emotional into Emotional Intelligence.

Leading others can be quite a stressful experience. It’s even more difficult if you don’t have the right skill set, have little support or guidance, or struggle with self-doubts and insecurities.  When people are feeling stressed or under pressure, they can easily revert to unwanted behaviours and slip into emotional reactions rather than using their emotional intelligence.

Good leadership requires a high level of emotional intelligence, the key ingredient that enables people to manage their emotions, apply good decision-making, and generate higher performance from themselves and the teams they work with.  And women generally have high levels of emotional intelligence.

Research shows women are more effective leaders than men, yet they are still greatly under-represented in leadership positions.  Why are there not more women in leadership? Part of the problem can be attributed to system issues: lack of recognition of the particular capabilities women bring to leadership, recruitment practices, and the difficulty of meeting personal and work demands. The other difficulties women face are within themselves. Many women admit to lacking in self-belief, find it hard to confront difficult situations, or struggle to balance work and home demands.  With less women in the leadership pool, organisations  also lose out on opportunities to create better businesses.

Good leadership underpins business performance, so it makes sense to develop good leaders.  However, good leadership, like good driving, only comes to the fore when things start to go wrong.  By then it’s too late to develop those qualities that constitute good leadership.

Men and women bring different skills and abilities to the role of leadership and have different development needs. This highlights the need for a different approach when preparing men and women for leadership. Many leadership development programs adopt a generic approach with no differentiation between the needs of men and women, and offer little opportunity to practice and embed new skills to ensure they become regular habits.

This leadership development program is specifically designed for women. It provides a supportive environment for practising and embedding new skills, fosters collaboration with like-minded women, and develops the confidence, courage and self-belief required for leadership.

The program includes practical, evidence-based strategies using participants’ own experiences, individual follow-up over an extended timeframe, and post-program evaluation to measure change in capabilities.  It combines group and individual sessions and draws on latest research in the neuroscience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and positive psychology fields.

What will women gain from this program?

Improved leadership behaviours

  • Identify and work with values.
  • Use emotional intelligence rather than emotional reactions.
  • Manage self and others more effectively.
  • Gain clarity about future directions.

Improved decision-making

  • Engage others for collaborative decision-making.
  • Use reflection to evaluate and improve capabilities.
  • Adopt strategies that strengthen decision-making.

Balanced work and life demands

  • Replace unwanted habits with more effective strategies.
  • Use Mindfulness to keep centred.
  • Implement better self-care strategies for self and team.

Put the enjoyment back into life

  • Recognise what’s important in life.
  • Feel less stressed and more in control.
  • Increased confidence, courage and self-belief.


Here’s a snapshot of what’s involved in the WYSE Leader Program

Firstly, we meet with management to clarify your specific organisational requirements and expected outcomes. We determine behavioural indicators to measure progress, timeframes and the nature and extent of follow-up support.

Ideally the program is undertaken in three stages over a 12 month timeframe to allow time to adopt new strategies and embed learnings.  A proposed outline looks like this:

Stage 1  (3 months):

  • Upfront 360 degree leadership assessment.
  • 2x full-day Masterclass sessions focused on leadership skills.
  • Individual coaching sessions focused on developing capabilities, identifying specific goals and dealing with challenges.

Stage 2  (6 months):

  • Time to embed new skills and practices.
  • Regular email contact to maintain focus and provide support.

Stage 3:  (3 months):

  • Follow-up group sessions.
  • Post-program evaluation.


What’s the benefits for an organisation …..

Organizations that understand the true value of adequately preparing key female staff members for leadership will be better positioned to collaborate, adapt, influence and drive performance in the rapidly changing world of work.

The CEO of General Electric, a leading organisation in the business world, encouraged organisations develop their future leaders to be able “to change things for the better ….”

Jane McNeill, Director of Hays, the recruitment experts, regards leadership development as a means of ensuring an organisation has the necessary skills and capabilities, and “ …. a proven strategy to aid in staff retention and motivation …”


What previous participants have said ….

Previous participants have come from a diverse range of backgrounds including health, engineering, administration, government, community agencies, finance, marketing, and education.  Here’s some of the feedback:

“The biggest change I’ve made is my own attitude … Since doing your program I’ve implemented quite a number of changes in my life for the better. I’m so much happier, healthier and have now been promoted to a more senior role which is a huge recognition. I remember you every time, as I have you to thank for the coaching that got me started on a positive path”.   Rae, Director, Health Sector.

In summary, the WYSE Leader Program ….

  • Helps prepare women to effectively handle the demands of a leadership role.
  • Is a practical, research-based program specifically for women.
  • Offers a supportive environment where women can develop and practice essential leadership skills.
  • Allows women to learn from working with other like-minded women.
  • Helps build collaborative working relationships.
  • Increases motivation, confidence and job satisfaction.
  • Develops women both professionally and personally.

For an organisation, investing in the WYSE Leader Program ….

  • Acknowledges an employee’s value to the organisation.
  • Shows a commitment to the career development of key female employees who have leadership potential.
  • Recognises and encourages women in leadership roles.

In-house programs can also be designed and delivered to suit the particular needs of your organisation.

Contact Judi to find out how this program would benefit your (female) emerging leaders.

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